We create absolutely unique wines

We let nature do its job, minimally intervening in the natural development of the wine. The result is unforgettable limited production wines.

Our land

A miracle

Our wine

The expression of our philosophy

our vineyards

The ability to overcome


love for the land

It is a natural phrase, our way of being. Loving the land is our flag, a feeling on which PAGO DE LA BOTICARIA rests to develop its activities and create unique wines. Only if we are able to understand the soil, the life that exists in it, under it, on it and how it relates to our vineyards...we can offer the experience that we have proposed.

Protect the vineyard

Old goblet-pruned vines, many hundred-year-old of Garnacha variety, wild, extreme, on very poor soils and with very scarce productions. Other trellised vines or on vertical axis, vineyards without agrochemical fertilizers, without intervention. Let the vineyard do what it knows how to do, what it was created for.

create wine

At the end, our wine reflects that relationship between the land and the vineyard. Each of the vintages will have very special characteristics that reflect the heritage of that time that has passed. Our wine, Trilo-Vites, store in a bottle a year of events on a land where extraordinary old vineyards grow, which we have respected in production and care.

Life philosophy behind our vineyards

Extreme, centenary vineyards ... on incredible soils, formed by degraded slates and other minerals, in a continental climate that delivers very scarce productions. Wines made with minimal human intervention and which reflect the flavor they bring the soil, yeasts, the microbiota and rich biodiversity that inhabits our lands and vineyards grapes.

Reflect the nature, transfer to our wine the relationship we maintain with the land where our vineyards grow, letting them express themselves, away from forced chemical processes, from mixtures that homogenize the product, letting our wines surprise us every year. 

Beyond pruning or minimal care of the vineyards, we let Nature take its course and offer us each year a differentiated and unique product. We believe that Nature deserves to be treated with respect, with care and with love; we are sure that this relationship will deliver us unique experiences year after year. 

On the other hand, it is a fact of quantum physics that the observer, the viticulturist and winemaker in this case, alters the experiment, i.e. the quality of the grape harvest and wine. A respectful observer alters them minimally. A happy observer bottles happiness. 

2018 was an excellent year for our vineyard. 



Red wine originating from our vineyards of old garnacha vines, (Valdespinar, Moncayo, Boticaria ...).

our vineyards

After a dry 2017, with rainfall somewhat below average, which ended with an extremely dry autumn-winter, the rains in April, May and June tripled the usual ones and the beginning of summer was hot, with some mild storms in July and August that they prepared the red garnacha grapes for a good veraison. The daytime temperature in September and October did not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, nor did the nighttime temperature drop below 10 degrees Celsius. The result was pervfect acidity and pH at harvest time.

grape harvest

The harvest began on October 18 carried out by hand and in boxes, using to produce this wine grapes from the old Sicilia and Pago de la Boticaria vineyards.


Spontaneous fermentation with the yeasts existing in the berries, without the addition of other yeasts. After 16 months in Hungarian and American oak barrels and 2 months in the bottle, in which no malolactic fermentation or aging has been intervened, we obtain an exceptional wine that transmits the scent of fruits born in excellent cradle, as well as the aroma of the soil, of those slate and extreme soils that are expressed through their own microorganisms and that permeate its flavor. Its cherry red color invites us to enjoy that whole world of flavor to which some sweet notes are added that remind us that it comes from very, very unique berries.

The result

We have produced 5,940 numbered bottles, since these vineyards from which it comes barely produced 1 kg per vine. We can say that each bottle contains inside the fruit of a strain. There is a sure thing,  this wine is unrepeatable and unique.
Congratulations on enjoying it. 

Our vineyards express themselves

We take care of them under the principle of minimal intervention, recovering traditional methods and respecting the vineyards, because they are naturally self-regulated, without using pesticides, without chemical fertilizers, without altering their natural dynamics. Let the vineyard express itself. Old goblet-pruned garnachas, with productions of less than 1000 kilos per hectare, renewed garnachas obtained from old autochthonous strains, all under the same principle of minimal intervention.

A collective project

Is it possible to create great wines while respecting nature and understanding the symbiotic relationship between the vineyards and the land with minimal intervention?
This question and many others led us to embark on a vital project that was committed to providing answers to these concerns, recovering old vineyards, working a unique land and finally offering wines that could value the effort to preserve nature. 

This is our dream, that of our community friends, that of José Ángel and other collaborators, as well as that of a group of researchers, together with the knowledge of the people who have been working all their lives in this peculiar land in which our vineyards grow.

A project led by Pilar Herrero is creating wines that answer these questions and creating great wines we want to share with you.


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