A wonderful land rich in yeast

Our vineyards grow in a soil full of yeasts that favor spontaneous fermentation

A soil with "flavor"

The presence of a great diversity of microorganisms in our soils, among which we find different species of yeasts, saccharomyces and non-saccharomyces, which pass to the grape at veraison, allows our wines to ferment naturally, providing the wine with unique nuances.

Poster of the effect of vine age on the microbial characterization of vineyard soils

A soil created by the impact of a meteorite

We let nature do its work, minimally intervening in the natural development of the wine. The result is unforgettable wines with a very low production.

A unique land

Yet, only a few million years ago, a strong orogenic movement, a displacement caused by a meteorite that impacted about 40 km to the NE of our vineyards unleashing anenormous "push". As a result, the Cambrian lands of more than 500 million years old emerged above the tertiary lands and the trilobites, buried for hundreds of millions of years, returned to the surface. Our Aragón garnacha vineyards were planted on these complex lands. According to geologists, the lands integrate sandstones, slate pebbles and multiple minerals, "which should not be there", strongly altered and corresponding to the Middle Cambrian.

If you are interested in geology, here you will find details of this story (in Spanish).

The effect of microbiota in the vineyard

We investigated the effect of the existing microbiota in the vineyard soil, on the physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of the wine and possible repercussions on it of the age of the strain, the age of the vineyard.
This project is carried out in the vineyards of Pago de la Boticaria, San Ramon and Banarro.
Every day we are more certain that the concept of "TERROIR" would not be complete without considering the microbiota, which brings great sensory differences when the wines are made by "SPONTANEOUS FERMENTATION". The age of the vineyard has been linked to the DIVERSITY of microbiota and the presence in the soils of old vineyards of a great wealth of saccharomyces and non-saccharomyces yeasts, necessary in fermentation and habituated to this land and these grapes. 

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